BMC locus database

Abbreviation   Description BMC type locus example(s)
ACI Acidobacterium microcompartment ACI
ARO Aromatic substrate microcompartment ARO
BUF* Bacterial microcompartment of unknown function (and no AldDh) BUF1 BUF1B BUF2 BUF3
CsomeACh Alpha-carboxysome of chemoautotroph bacteria CsomeACh
CsomeACy Alpha-carboxysome of cyanobacteria CsomeACy
CsomeBCy Beta-carboxysome of cyanobacteria CsomeBCy
ETU Ethanol utilizing microcompartment ETU
EUT Ethanolamine utilizing microcompartment EUT1 EUT2A EUT2B EUT2C EUT2D EUT2E EUT2F EUT2G EUT2H EUT2I EUT2K EUT2x EUT3
FRAG Fragmented type microcompartment FRAG1 FRAG2 FRAG3 FRAG4 FRAG5 FRAG6 FRAG7 FRAG8
GRM* Glycyl radical enzyme containing microcompartment GRM1A GRM1B GRM2 GRM3A GRM3B GRM3C GRM4 GRM5 GRM5like GRM6 GRMguf*
HO BMCs related to Haliangium ochraceum model BMC locus HO
MIC Metabolosome loci where the majority of loci do not encode an AlcDH and/or PTAC (incomplete core)   MIC1 MIC2 MIC3 MIC4 MIC6 MIC7
MUF Metabolosome microcompartment of unknown function MUF1 MUF2 MUF3
PDU Propanediol utilization microcompartment PDU1AB PDU1C PDU1D PDU1E PDU1F
PVM Planctomycete and Verrucomicrobia microcompartment PVM
PVMlike Microcompartment with similar enzyme complement as PVM PVMlike
RMM* Rhodococcus and Mycobacteria microcompartment RMM1 RMM2
SPU Sugar phosphate utilization microcompartment SPU1 SPU2 SPU3 SPU4 SPU5 SPU6 SPU7

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comments / alternate nomenclature:

*BUF: BUF1 is also known as Xau / Xanthine utilization (link)

*GRM: GRM1 and GRM2 process choline and are also known as Cut BMCs; GRM 3/4/6 process propanediol, GRM5 fucose/rhamnose

*GRMguf: A function of the glycyl radical enzyme has recently proposed as isethionate C-S bond cleavage (link1, link2)

*RMM: RMM are also known as AAUM for aminoacetone utilizing microcompartment (link)